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Products & Solutions

Enterprise POS Intelligent Network Solution

Business Challenge

With the continuous adjustment of the economic structure and the improvement of people's living standards, the consumer market is developing vigorously, and it also presents the following characteristics:

● Upgrading of consumer products: upgrading from mass products to high-end products

● Changes in consumption structure: the proportion of service industry in expenditure continues to increase

● Rising consumer desire: per capita disposable income continues to grow and consumer enthusiasm continues to increase



Solution Description

Intelligent network solutions for enterprise POS contains three aspects:



Data collection layer: all data that can be collected, including equipment information, access traffic, and user identity and so on, are collected mainly through basic network equipment and through the collection of access users' original data.

● Data analysis layer: mainly through the collection of structured data information, it is converted into Data Mart, which is convenient for high-level applications to identify and read, and through the customized business model, it is convenient to make Data Mart, thus improving the efficiency of user data reading and writing.

 Data display layer: reading different chart data mainly through the humanized UI interface, more customized business model representation, pie chart, histogram, trend chart, flow chart, etc. Through various media access, terminals are not limited, and mobile terminals or PC terminals can conveniently consult various report information.


The wireless client accesses and transmits data through AP, and the wireless controller cooperates with the wireless positioning system to transmit the client location information, including terminal information, time, place, user identification information, etc. the network management system and the positioning system simultaneously use TCP to interface data with the data analysis platform to transmit the user connection information.


The data analysis platform carries out customer data analysis in different dimensions through customized data models. Finally presented to customers various data reports and business value analysis.



Solution Benefit

● Assisting retail customers understanding the operating status in real time;


● In-depth detailed understanding of the store's situation through customer distribution statistics, customer stay time, customer walk path, store history operation analysis, store real-time operation status so as to help customers adjust their store operations, plan and customize corresponding retail solutions.


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